IMG_0495I have benefited from the Genesis Project in many ways. I am grateful to have had a safe and clean sober environment. The Genesis Project has provided me with the tools and motivation to be able to succeed and face what is ahead of me without fear. The staff at the Genesis Project treated me with dignity and respect and I truly consider them to be my friends. Any time I needed someone to talk to they were there for me. While I was at the Genesis Project I was able to fulfill my Prop 36 commitment after trying unsuccessfully for over two years on my own. I got my driver’s license back and was able to get insurance for my car. Before coming to the Genesis Project I did not have the tools or support to accomplish these things. I feel I am a great example of the benefits of the Genesis Project. I am forever grateful for the help I received at the Genesis Project.

Josh C.

Moving into the Genesis Project 8 months ago has been a blessing when I think about how far I’ve come in such a short time. Four words come to mind, opportunity, change, responsibility, and family. I’m learning to be responsible, to experience positive change by following the rules, taking direction, and leading by example. The standards and examples at the Genesis Project have allowed me to feel safe in changing my attitude and behavior. My family now looks at me as different man. I have been blessed with a great family and I get to be present in their life today. The staff at the Genesis Project has made this possible by providing the structure and environment I needed for change. I’m very grateful for the new life I now have and just want to say thank you.

Albert C.

I have been drug user for 25 years.  Two years ago I was arrested for possession of meth with my infant son, and CPS was called.  As a result of the poor decision I made, Social Services came into my life.  I initially complied with Social Services on my own, drug testing every week and going to outpatient classes in San Jose.  One day I decided it was a good idea to smoke meth, and I relapsed.  A few weeks later my son and newborn daughter were taken from me and my wife and put into foster care.  I guess doing things my own way didn’t work too well.

I had so much shame and guilt.  I couldn’t stop smoking meth.  I would cry if I wasn’t high.  The addiction was so powerful that not even my children being removed from me could make me stop using.  Thankfully I had people that loved me.  With their support I entered an intensive residential drug rehab program in San Jose to help me detox and deal with my addiction.

The next month was spent learning tools to deal with my disease and the 12 steps of AA and NA.  After my residential treatment was complete, it was time for me to transition to an SLE (Sober Living Environment).

I have been residing in Sober Living homes for 6 months now, and I believe it is more important than than the residential treatment and Outpatient programs I completed.  Anybody can get sober, but the real challenge is to stay sober.  Genesis Project helps me stay on track with my sobriety.  I have a comfortable, safe place to live.  Everybody here is serious about their recovery.  We have fun and live as a family.  I have the ability to spend time with my wife and children after work and on my free time.  I am able to save money to transition into my own place soon.

I have stayed in several THU and SLE homes, and Genesis Project is by far the best one.  The environment is real, supportive, and has a sense of character that you won’t find anywhere else.  Being a resident of Genesis Project has been a godsend.


After years of drinking and using I came to the realization that I needed to make a serious lifestyle change. Before arriving here at the Genesis Project I was broken, strung out, and alone. I had no self respect and my self esteem was at an all time low. I got to the Genesis project desperate and ready for change. Since then I have been able to hold down a full time job. I’ve gained my self confidence and self respect back, and most of all I’ve been able to make amends with my family. I’ve been at the Genesis Project for over 6 months as I write this. I love my life today and I never want to go back to the man I was before. I just want to thank that Genesis Project for all the help and opportunity I was given.

Caleb P.

Since early May I have been here at the Genesis Project. During this time my life has benefited in the following ways. I have learned to be more responsible and manage my time better. I have been taught how to cook and prepare meals. I have been given the opportunity to be accountable for actions. Further, I have learned how to take directions and follow instructions. It is these reasons that my life is better, and I have a higher chance of success in my recovery.

Carey J.

My name is Angel and I came into The Genesis Project May 30th. I had called a couple of weeks earlier very drunk knowing that I needed help. A couple more weeks had passed and I started to call in sick to work and was still drinking. I called a friend and he took me to The Genesis Project. I didn’t know which way was up when I first came into the program. Since I’ve been here I have managed to sober up, get a higher paying job, and start working on my commercial driving license. Today I’m working with a sponsor, living life one day at a time, and feeling so much better. Thanks to The Genesis project for making this possible!

Angel S.

I came to The Genesis Project with the weight of the world on my shoulders and to broken to hold it up on my own. With the help and moral support of the staff here at The Genesis Project I’m well on my way back to being a healthy, positive, and productive member of my community. The environment here has provided me with the opportunity to learn how to cook healthy and wholesome meals while gaining the skills for independent living. The ability to meet life’s challenges head on and how to avoid potential pitfalls. In the short time I’ve been here, my self confidence and believing that there is a whole new life for me has grown. Thank you Genesis Project for your support in my recovery!

Jose S.

My experience here at the Genesis Project exceptional to say the least. Managed by a competent supportive staff, The Genesis Project provides a structured environment in which to practice habits and principles of right living. This is achieved through an assertive process of accountability in which all are held to a high standard. This process has been effective and therapeutic for me. I’ve found staff to be available at all times, able to provide sound advice, and are consistently on the lookout for what’s best for me and the program. I’m gaining the tools necessary to not only manage my life beyond here, but also to live a fulfilling lifestyle centered around recovery.

Chris L.