Legal Advocacy

Legal Advocacy
We work with Judges and Attorneys, as well as Parole and Probation officers, to ensure clients get the treatment they need, with legal standards not only being met but exceeded.

The legal assistance services we provide are extensive and include:

• Necessary legal paperwork, such as acceptance letters, progress reports, termination letters or letters of completion.
• Active and closely monitored sign-in and sign-out sheets to track details of client behavior. These records are available to the legal entities that require them to evaluate progress.
• A signed release of client confidentiality to make communication regarding progress and participation more efficient, and therefore the treatment more effective.
• An assigned court liaison when necessary.
• Proper documentation of 12-step program attendance for the courts as well as a letter of progress and a personal letter from a sponsor.
• Relapse procedures that ensure vested entities are immediately notified and that the client and others are safe from harm—whether that means discharge to a medical facility or a safe and clean home of a friend or relation.
• Restricted procedures for relapsed clients who are evaluated and permitted to return to the facility, in order to better aid their recovery.

Overall, we at the Genesis Project advocate for the proactive recovery of those with substance abuse issues that have led to criminal behavior. As a safe and effective alternative to prison sentences, our substance abuse programs empower clients with accountability and dignity to enhance sustainable recovery.