Admission Application


Genesis Project is a highly structured sober living environment for men who want to take a step in making a positive change in their lives. The program offers a wide range of services from group counseling, a highly structured living environment and a vocational program to assist with acquiring life and job skills for future employment in today’s competitive job market. In addition, we provide a culinary program that teaches our clients how to shop within a budget, create a menu and prepare meals.

Intake Application

To be accepted into The Genesis Project, first you must fill out the application form completely. Once the form is filled out and returned, our staff will review it. Based on the information you provide we will decide if you are eligible for the program. You can find out your status by contacting us. If you qualify and there is no vacancy at the time, a waiting list is available, and you will be contacted when a vacancy is available. If you are in custody and need an acceptance letter for the courts, you or someone can contact us, and an application can be sent to you. Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. Any information left out and/or found not to be true will result in your non-acceptance into the program. Please print clearly.

ACP_PDF 2_file_documentAdmission Application